Gamedev.js 2024 Challenge
Bonus Challenges

Gamedev.js 2024 Bonus Challenges

OP Games is always on the lookout for awesome game developers who want to build games using the latest tech. We also strive to provide developers an opportunity to be discovered by publishing them on our distribution platform, (opens in a new tab).

We're proud to have published some esteemed Gamedev.js / JS13k winners, such as:

Blaze Racing

The two bonus challenges below will allow you to play around with some of our generative AI and blockchain tools, and hopefully give you some inspiration for the NPC challenge. Completing them will also go a long way in getting your game published on Arcadia.

Good luck, we look forward to your submissions!

Bonus Challenge: Spark

Difficulty: ⭐⭐⭐

To complete this challenge, your game must use the Spark APIs in your game.

Spark (opens in a new tab) is our bleeding-edge generative AI tool that allows developers to turn NFTs into NPCs, giving them generative AI capabilities such as image-to-video, chat and more.

To get started, get an API key by logging into Spark (opens in a new tab), clicking your profile image at the top right, and creating an app.


You can then use the API key to access the Spark APIs, which are documented here 👈 (opens in a new tab)

You will need to be the owner of an NFT collection to use Spark. If it's your first time working with NFTs, this Speedrun Ethereum challenge is a great way to get started: Speedrun Ethereum (opens in a new tab)

🛑🚧 Please note that Spark is in very, very early-access. Beware, here be dragons 🐉 We will be updating this section with more tools to help you mint your own NFT collections and improve the API documentation soon 🚧🛑

Bonus Challenge: Arcadia

Difficulty: ⭐

To complete this challenge, you will need to create a game developer profile and upload your game via the Arcadia Game Creator.

Check out the Arcadia Game Creator documentation (opens in a new tab) to get started.